​Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

​The Mascudiera complex is an example of open courtyard morphology with buildings placed like a strip, that is, one in front of the other.
The portion facing north has been the subject of a recent recovery intervention with the establishment of an agritourism company consisting of 3 apartments and 4 bedrooms and rooms on the ground floor used as a dining room, kitchen and toilets. 

This first intervention benefited from the contribution of the 2007/2013 rural development plan Measure 311 Action 1 - AgriturismoOggi the offer of agritourism hospitality was expanded by recovering a portion of the long arched portico and creating two rooms on the ground floor and on the first floor 3 bedrooms.

The rooms to access the first floor use the existing metal staircase. The arrangement of the large external area includes a large lawn on the east side, bordered by trees and hedges, an area of ​approx. 20 to be used as a children's game.

Along the northern front of the main entrance to the farmhouse, an area has been created for recreational and cultural activities, covered and delimited by sail awnings, for a total of 68 m2. On the west side of the former trench there is a path law 13/89 to allow disabled people a glimpse of the expanse of cultivations to the north. In the area of ​the former trench a swimming pool measuring 6mtx12mt equal to m2 was built. 72, which rises above the level of the trench by 40 cm, around it there are large tiled spaces for paths and for the solarium (102 m2).

This swimming pool is of the A2.2 type swimming pool for agritourism recreational activities. The swimming pool is accessed via steps and a ramp. The perimeter and bathing spaces are delimited by separation elements, planted planters and wooden fences. The small building located on the the back of the swimming pool is the technical room. This second part of the intervention will benefit from the contribution of the 2014/2020 rural development plan measure 6.4.01 Creation and development of agritourisms and educational farms.